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The possibility of involving the employees at a company level is not very high in agriculture due to the size of the enterprises and the traditions. In detailed studies, however, differences emerged between East and West. In the accession countries, there are still many works councils and works unions.

  • Looking at the approx. number of 1 million companies with permanent employees, some 5 to 7 percent should be obliged to maintain a system of co-determination (usually in case these companies have more than 10 employees).
  • The potential for setting up works councils is not yet exhausted by far.
  • The companies are meanwhile operating worldwide also in agriculture today.  Setting up European works councils is a further field of action for the trade unions in agriculture.


Organisation of works committee
    very good     good     satisfactory     not so good  
Denmark   red    
Italy   red    
Slovakia   red    
Slovenia   red    
Czechia   red    
Belgium     orange  
Finland     orange  
France     orange  
Austria       yellow
Estonia       yellow
Netherlands       yellow


As a consequence of the reform of European agricultural policies, there is the possibility of industry-wide participation in regional and economic processes. With the strengthening of the so-called “2nd Pillar” and the subsequent possibilities of participation, there are new challenges the trade unions face.



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