Social Standards


Social Standards in agriculture and in rural areas

With this website, the authors want to

  • communicate information on the subject of social standards
  • spread positions on these issues and
  • trigger discussions

The aim is to strengthen and to generate more attention for the social dimension in agriculture and the rural areas.

The roots of the authors are to be found in a trade union background, thus the facts are real but the positions put forward are not neutral.

Agriculture and rural areas are the reference as regards the contents.


The website is a result of several projects, which have been conducted, first and foremost, by the PECO-Institut (

The projects have been supported financially (so far) by:

  • Industriegewerkschaft Bauen – Agrar – Umwelt (
    (Trade Union Construction - Agriculture - Environment)
  • Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank (
    (public law bank for the promotion of agriculture)
  • Federal German Ministry for the Economy and Labour
  • European Commission, GD Employment

We have received non-material support from many European trade unions, especially from the agricultural area. At this point, we would like to mention the umbrella association, EFFAT, European Federation of Food, Agriculture, Tourism Trade Unions (

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